Phases of Project:

  • Identify problems in the reorganization of home space and target audience.
  • Conduct interviews to understand problems in reducing stress at home. 
  • Create User Personas based on research.
  • Create a hand drawn prototype for concept testing with the target audience.
  • Test prototype and iterate on design by addressing problem areas.
  • Create low fidelity wireframes in Sketch and test with target users.
  • Iterate on design based on feedback and develop high fidelity prototypes.

Zenspot Mobile App

Client: Private client

Project: Personalized home redesign

Product UX/UI design for a mobile application to provide a solution for saving home redesign projects in your pocket.

Evolution of Zenspot Prototype

Here is an example of the changes on the quiz screen in the prototype from paper to low fidelity taskframe to high fidelity taskframe.

Brainstorming ideas and defining Mobile strategy

User persona development

Paper prototype

Initial sketches for the concept and task flow were made on paper and transferred to Invision for early stage testing.


Competitive analysis

Research of apps on the market in the home redesign space. 

Low fidelity taskframes

Wireframes designed to get a quick rough idea of the user task flow.

Hi fidelity Wireframes

Hi fidelity screens designed in Sketch and further refined with user testing in Invision.